Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Great Tool For Virtual Projects--PADLET!!!

Here is a free new exciting instructional tool which will permit more originality on the part of both teachers and students than power points currently do.  This is not to say that power points are not viable instructional supports for teaching anymore, but rather that there are newer, more creative, more engaging ones on the market.

PADLET offers a new way for students to demonstrate understanding of a topic.  Further, it is very user friendly so even novices can create almost immediately with minimal assistance from teacher or fellow students.  Think of this tool as being a huge wall on which students lay out their ideas, visuals, videos, etc. for everyone to see on a class website.  Team projects become more animated when students plan out their boards with partners.  Changes or adjustments can easily be accomplished with just a few clicks so students are not wasting time worrying about the revision or editing process since everything is virtual and easy to reorder or rearrange or redo with minimal physical effort.  Here is one example of a gallery project.  Any subject teacher could use this feature with students.  Some teacher uses are also addressed here and kids love the interaction they develop.

For a very detailed view of the features of this tool, go to Mr. Byrne's video on using PADLET.

Have fun with it!

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