Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gallery Walk--An Inspirational Way to Allow Students to Show What They Know:)

If teachers are looking for a non-traditional way for students to demonstrate what they know AND enjoy the process along the way, they need look no further--gallery walk is here:) 

Students collaborate in small teams of 4 (no more than that).  Each team plans out how they will present their new content knowledge on the chart paper.  Students use binder paper to discuss, as a team, how they will layout the key knowledge they picked up in the unit (any subject area or grade level fits here).  The cooperative learning approach involves all students, especially the ELLs.  Within a small peer group, the ELL is more likely to enter the discussion.  In addition, as the project is planned out, the ELL can ask clarifying questions of her/his peers in a low stress environment.  In addition, the teacher moves from group to group to provide support as needed.

Once the planning sheet is done, student groups on to working on chart paper (low tech here--if teachers want a tech angle, PINTEREST might work).  Once the chart is finished, each group tapes the group's final product on the wall. 

If the teacher wants student feedback, s/he might give them a checklist to use as students move from poster to poster (hence the title "GALLERY WALK").  Once each poster has been reviewed, students may use them as tools to guide a writing assignment for example.  Teachers might leave them up as support for future assignments, tests, projects, vocabulary, etc.  They might also consider taking pictures of student work and posting them on a class website so that parents can see what their children have produced.

Again, this project is one that can be used in ANY subject area and at ANY grade level.




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