Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW Fairy Tale Generator--Brown University One Is GONE!

This site allows your students to create their own fairy tales within seconds. Students must decide what elements they would like to use in their stories and then the computer program does the rest. Every story will be different, but no story is over a couple of paragraphs. ELLs especially will be motivated to read the work since the story would be "theirs." Of course there will vocabulary that will be new to them, but because the story is theirs, they would be motivated to discover the meaning with little prodding:) Figurative language and its importance in literature can be dealt with in class in these short readings with ease. Have students illustrate their stories. Make a class book of fairy tales that kids can take turns borrowing to read at home. Create comic books based on the stories. Have students do skits on their work and film it. There are so many possibilities.



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