Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fully Engaging Final Exam Review Activities for Students:)

Yes, final examinations are only a few weeks away, and, of course, students may be exhibiting a little anxiety in the review process.  Well, why not make the process less stressful by using some highly engaging activities that will provide a low-stress review?  Further, it puts the onus on the students to do the review (within teacher facilitation).  After all, how much will students remember if the teacher does all the talking?

One of my favorite approaches here is to have students, in small structured teams (no friends sitting together), create test review questions for classmates.  The questions must be multiple choice in nature (faster to review that way).  More importantly, as students create the questions and find the answers, they are discussing, analyzing, studying content to make sure that their questions and responses are accurate.  Further, one bonus is that I tell them from the start that I will be taking 1 question from each group to include on their final examination.  For the vast majority, that is quite an incentive:)  Once the questions are created, I type all of them up and pass them out to mixed groups (I use a randomizer here to make sure that groups are mixed).  Here the team must work out the problems.  They must work as a team to arrive at answers and be able to explain how they arrived at their group's answer. 

What else can be done?  Teachers are quite creative so as you review this link, don't be surprised if you see some of your own approaches here.


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