Monday, February 6, 2012

How About Creating a Time Capsule? Differentiation With EASE!

How do you think your students would feel if you offered them the unique opportunity to provide people in the future a window to 2012? My guess is very excited:)

This activity is one that lends itself easily to differentiation. Each student contributes according to English proficiency levels. The class as a whole would have to decide on the contents keeping in mind that every student needs to be able to contribute something of importance to him/her. ELLs might want to add special items from their culture. A teacher could then provide a reality check as to how much the box can hold (a visual as in the actual box) would be the best way to do this. Once students see the box, they will start to take a more realistic view as to what can and can't go into it. Teachers are the guides and coaches here since not all choices will be practical ones:)

Activities that can be built into the activity could be having each student make a pitch for his/her choice. Here they are writing persuasive paragraphs (or essays depending on their grade levels). Their job is to convince the rest of the class that their selection merits a spot in the box. The class would have to decide if the item in question would provide a unique look into 2012. Teachers would moderate. If this is handled well, students who didn't make the first cut could come back with another item fitting box specifications. In a word, everyone would be able to add to the box's content!

Below is a video on how to make the time capsule:


Here are some suggestions on how to undertake the project:


Have fun with this one:)



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