Sunday, September 29, 2013

Treasure Trove of Scaffolding Tools for Building Writing Skills for ALL Students (especially ELLs)

After a very demanding summer and start of the school year, I am back pursuing my passion in blogging:) 

With common core and English language learners in every mainstream classroom, teachers shall have an increasingly diverse student body to deal with.  Adjusting instructional delivery will be required throughout the lesson if all students are to do well.

One of the most difficult language skills to develop for many students is writing.  Though there are many techniques to boost student skill in this area, one of the most effective ones is scaffolding using tools such as those in this post. 

With writing scaffolding tools,  teachers will find everything from sentence starters through 5 paragraph essays.  Each graphic organizer is student friendly and therefore easy to use.  I have used some of the tools with my own ELLs and found them very effective in building writing skills of high beginners.


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