Monday, September 30, 2013

Can Math Be Fun? You Bet:)

Common Core has radically transformed the math class, at all levels, from basic computations to calculus.  The textbook no longer drives classroom instruction.  All levels of math instruction must have a direct tie-in to the real world.  Further, with thoroughly all inclusive classroom activities, all students will have multiple opportunities through multiple venues to master the material.  Standardized tests will no longer drive instruction--no more "one inch deep and one mile-wide" approaches to instruction.  How refreshing:)

My board PINTEREST FOR MATH offers a variety of new ways to view math as teachers.  Pinterest is an account that can be used for academic issues as well as cooking.  Take a look at creative ways to teach all levels of mathematics.  Delight your students in the process.  Develop a love of mathematics in all your students!



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