Thursday, August 15, 2013

70 Highly Engaging Activities to Liven Up Any Lesson:)

Common core based lessons will require teachers to dig deeper in delivering instruction to their students regardless of the grade level or content taught.  In addition to this, many schools are going to block scheduling this year.  This will increase class time while reducing teacher-student contact time to 3 times a week.  The upside to this is that teachers will have more time within a class period (typically 90+ minutes) to reach the students who struggle. 

So what can be done in this extended  class time period?  How can teachers keep students fully engaged in the learning process without becoming bored?  The answer is ... many things:)  If students are to become confident independent learners, they will need multiple opportunities to explore new content in unique ways tailored to their learning styles, interests, skills, etc.  Diversity is the key. 

This list of  70 ways to fully engage students in their learning will offer multiple activity choices for teachers.  All were created by educators around the country.  Explore the list, add to it, share it, etc.



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