Wednesday, August 14, 2013

40 Maps That Will Transform a Student's View of Earth!

As the new school year opens, teachers are excitedly planning many creative ways to energize their students about learning exciting new facts about Earth and its inhabitants.  Technology offers many resources to make the instructional day less stressful for teachers and more engaging for students.  One site that might be used in geography, environmental science, math, politics, etc. classes is 40 maps that transform one's view of the world.

Here students will see the earth from many viewpoints.  If the class is business, check out how McDonald's has impacted the planet.  How about driving on the left side of the road as opposed to the right?  There is a map for that.  Care to see the how the use of energy has impacted the planet?  There is a map for that.

Each map opens up a class room discussion within an content classroom.  There is even one map that offers a live feed on internet use around the world!  With common core standards state standards, such a tool would add a deeper level to any class and fascinate the students who explore it.



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