Wednesday, July 17, 2013

100 Best Videos for Teachers to Use as Part of Classroom Instruction

Since it is summer, I have not been blogging daily, but with the return to school for me in 2 weeks (yes, that's right), I will be back on a daily basis soon:)

In preparing for the upcoming school year, many teachers will be searching for video support to add vital context to meaning for their students.  English language learners will especially require extra measures to ensure both their access to content along with language development.  Often times, locating non-Hollywood video instructional tools can often times be a very time consuming process. 

In 100 BEST VIDEOS, teachers are provided with a wide range of tech tools to bring life to any content lesson.  With common core, such a resource will enable more students to "see the big picture" and this should lead to a stronger grasp of content.  Further, students may revisit them at home since they are free video sources. 

The academic categories covered are history, science, language, and arts.  General topics as well as specific ones are addressed here and most are no more than a few minutes in length.  This is long enough to build student interest as the teacher prepares them to tackle the academic topic of the lesson.

There are also videos that might assist teachers in honing their teaching skills:)  Clips on classroom management, inspiration, how-tos, technology, and humor are also found.  Check them out for some ideas on new approaches to running classes. 

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