Monday, June 3, 2013

How About Some Engaging End-of-the-Year Projects For Students:)

The year is almost over so what can teachers do to keep students focused for just a couple more weeks?  Think outside the box and provide students with imaginative ways to demonstrate their understanding of key material that they will need to know for their final exams.  Why not provide students with a variety of choices to show what they know?  What about asking them for their own ideas on demonstrating what they know?  Such an approach involves everyone since multiple options are available from which students can select.  

Take a look at the projects in this article from Edutopia.  Here is a starting point if this is new.  If not, there may be some new approaches worth considering to add to course syllabi:)  I have had students create video productions covering topics they really enjoyed working on during the year.  The rubric created is done by the class as a whole and when the productions are finished, they are scored by the team who delivered the video, classmates, and myself.  The three scores are averaged together and then a grade is assigned.  I have also had students created a book for elementary school age students where they explain a topic studied during the year in language a young student would understand and enjoy reading.  Again, a rubric is devised by all.  Scoring is done by the student who created the book, fellow classmates, and myself.  Scores are averaged.  Creative powerpoints with video to convey understanding of a complex topic covered over the year is another favorite.  Scoring approach is the same.  With any of these activities, students have choices, and that is differentiation in practice!

If you have ideas in this topic that you would be willing to share, please go the comment section and add your thoughts:)


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