Thursday, May 30, 2013

Use of Current Events Supports Common Core Based Lessons in All Content Areas!

The reading of current events addresses almost all areas of core content classes with ease.  With summer fast approaching, why not give students some projects to pursue over the summer.  The link here offers some very creative activities students of all ages could try out over the summer AND enjoy the process along the way:)

If the students are young, they could enlist the help of their parents in attempting to complete the tasks.  Parents would definitely enjoy "learning" along with their young children.  In fact, children will put into practice everything their teachers taught throughout the summer thereby preparing them to start the new school year without any need for that "fall review" which many students have to undergo when school starts.

With older students, the summer offers an opportunity to hone those academic skills needed to be able to survive in the real world:)  Though parents are there as a resource if the student requires some assistance, students at this age like challenges so they may be quite comfortable working on their own.  Again, the study of current events offers opportunities to explore everything from rates for car loans to effects of climate change, and everything in the middle.  Here, learning for pure interest might offer a new look at why the subjects they learned in school are important on the way to becoming lifelong learners.

One big incentive to motivate both groups of learners to keep their skills fresh might be to have them keep blogs on what they are learning and what they learned.



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