Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here Are 5 High School Students Who Succeeded Despite the System Rather Than Because of It.

With the end of every school year, many of us reflect on how effective the educational setup in place was overall.  Could the present system have done a better job at reaching the increasingly diverse needs of its many students?  What innovations in school structure could be implemented so that NO child would ever be left behind?  What options could be offered to meet the many unique learning styles or needs of every student?

Take a look at these  5 fascinating stories from high school students who might not have done well in school if their entire academic future rested entirely on standardized test scores and a 1940 factory style learning environment.  Teachers they felt a connection with enabled them to achieve success.  One has to wonder what the world of education would look like if teachers had more freedom to reach more students by allowing them to experience true learning in formats that were individually tailored to support them in realizing their own dreams. 



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