Monday, February 4, 2013

Teaching Tolerance and Respect for Other Cultures

Building a respect for other cultures is a must in today's global society.  Nothing is more urgent since diversity in America's classrooms is continuing to grow with leaps and bounds.  If American students are to thrive in the future workforce, they must learn how to respectfully interact with those different from them in cultures, traditions, religions, ethnicities, languages, etc.

How can this be accomplished?  Teachers weave it into every lesson and every content area.  The more exposure students have early on in their education, the more likely they will not see anything out of the ordinary when chance interactions with those who are different from them occur.  To survive in a multinational workforce, they will need to fit in and that involves respect for diversity.

In this video, TEACHING STUDENTS HOW TO MAKE A GLOBAL IMPACT, students study festivals of light around the world.  The teacher has them research countries where such festivals exist.  They then discuss why such knowledge is necessary for them to know.  The teacher does not lecture, but instead, wants them to discuss why such knowledge is important to have.  For such young students, they offer quite valid even mature responses.  To be this tolerant at such a young age, they will be model world citizens when they enter the work force:)



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