Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Images, Videos, Music, and More For Class and For FREE:)

This site offers an incredible selection of just about any visual or musical a teacher could hope for in developing a motivational lesson.  To access many of the basic features, registration is required.  Once registered, start roaming through the site and be prepared to be amazed.

The music section allows a subscriber to listen to popular tunes grouped by decade.  If teaching a history class, this would tap student interest as they listen to what was considered popular in the period being studied.  Now, add the visual with photos of big events of the time as well as the everyday ones.  It is much easier to interact with written material on a given period when background information is provided. 

Last, but not least, is the video feature.  The clips are very short for the free version, but none-the-less, that should be sufficient to perk interest. 

WELCOME TO GETTY IMAGES Describes the features of the site through a "walk through" approach.  It is well worth the effort to visit this site first before entering the site to look for items.




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