Saturday, February 2, 2013

EMBRACE THE DIGITAL AGE-Be a Model to Students:)

This article rings true for probably every school in the country.  There are those teachers who enthusiastically embrace everything related to technology on one end of the scale, those who avoid it like the plague on the other end, and everyone else falling somewhere in the middle.  What makes this amusing is that it if students are to be prepared for jobs in the 21st century, they must have teachers in the here and now who at least are open to exploring the benefits of technology in their classrooms.  After all, students are already using it for just about everything of importance to them so why not use this skill to an educator's advantage in classroom instruction?  Students should never hear teachers say that they just don't do technology.  Such an approach would weaken their argument with students when students say that they just can't do geometry for example.  If teachers are to lead by example, they need to be willing to try and if they fail, get the help they need to master the task.  In fact, more likely than not, students could probably help if asked to do so.  Demonstrating to students a teacher's desire to master the tech task  sends a clear message to students that with determination anything can be accomplished.

I really enjoyed the quotes used at the start of the article.  These are quotes which I am sure surface in just about every classroom at every grade level--both the student ones and those of teachers.  See if the same is true at your sites.  If you are comfortable with tech, lend a hand to your colleagues who are not:)




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