Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great FREE Tool to Build Reading Fluency and Academic Vocabulary

Common core demands students build a strong background in academic vocabulary.  Though teachers do their best in trying deliver grade level lessons with the vocabulary demands which accompany them to all of their students, they sometimes feel overwhelmed in addressing those language needs of their long term English language learners who have a long history of academic failure. 

This post offers just one tool to add to the teacher tool kit-the CLOZE.  I have seen many online cloze generators and this still ranks number one on my list due to its price (FREE), ease of use, and friendly formats.  It can be use for any subject area and any grade level.  Teachers will have to save what they generate on their own computers since the site does not store what is created, but that is only a minor inconvenience:)

Below are the options available for selecting words to remove.  Note that the last one leaves the choice completely up to the teacher to decide on.

Further, with older students, why not have them create "quizzes" for their peers?  They would be exploring the best passage to use and the key academic vocabulary to select.  They must know what the words mean that they pick.  This provides practice with academically challenging vocabulary in an engaging activity which builds self-confidence.

Students might also find passages of interest to them and create cloze activities for fun for their classmates to tackle.  All of this builds a foundation in gathering word meaning from text-any text.




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