Thursday, January 31, 2013

Common Core Lessons Will Need to Include DIFFERENTIATION

Though common core based lessons necessitate the wide use of a multitude of teaching strategies to ensure that every student understands the lesson being taught, many teachers feel a bit overwhelmed with long term English language learners in their mainstream classes.  Often times, differentiation of  instruction is pointed to as the answer to the problem.  At that point, a teacher is given a handout or two and told to just try to accommodate the needs of the different learning types using the handout as a guide.  Though the handout may be excellent, teachers need more than that to feel confident enough to successfully implement it in their classes.

This video, DIFFERENTIATION, clearly outlines all the necessary components of differentiation.  It explains how to successfully incorporate this instructional tool into classroom instruction covering such sections as classroom management (students must be trained), starting out slowly with just one activity at a time, trying not to overwhelm students or teacher---essentially baby steps:) 

I will be sharing this with new teachers at my school site, with my teacher candidates, and on my website.  I believe in it especially with ELLs in mainstream classes.  Every student excels at something and it is the teacher's job to help the student discover her/his style of learning. 



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