Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fun Foldable Ideas for Exam Review--Guaranteed FULL Student Engagement Both English learners and Everyone Else:)

With the semester drawing to a close, teachers are actively planning out content review strategies for their students.  Planning may become a bit more complicated when English language learners are in the classroom.  Here it is not only content that is the issue but also language.  Teachers must design activities which weave the two together so that ELLs are fully prepared to demonstrate their grasp of the content in language that is comprehensible for the teacher.

So, how can this be done in such a way that ALL students are actively engaged in completing academic tasks, but also having fun in the process?  Sounds impossible?  No, it is actually not that difficult to accomplish thanks to imaginative paper foldables:)

 FUN FOLDABLES  Go to the table of contents and decide what section you wish the students to study.  Simple foldables are included in every unit.  Start with pages iii and iv where the table of contents is found.  Select the subject matter being covered and go to that page number.  You will see the foldable accompanied by the directions for creating it. 

When teachers use such original approaches to assist students in learning content (and language), students are more alert and rarely off task.  Such approaches lead to group and partner discussions as they work on completing challenging, but not overwhelming, academic tasks to help them master content.  Further, teachers have multiple opportunities to interact with students since they are in small groups.  This type of layout allows the teacher to move from group to group interacting with ELLs especially who normally would be too shy otherwise to speak out in class.  In a small group setting, it is far less intimidating.  Further, the teacher gets a better picture of where each student is in the learning process.



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