Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Wonderful World of SCIENCE--Great Support For ELLs in Common Core Science Classrooms

For ELLs to do well in science courses under the common core, they will need to be fully supported through videos, models, hands-on activities, partner work, small teams, and much more.  One way to address many of these strategies is through the teacher's use of the internet. 

To assist in making science content accessible by the ELLs, the BBC's science site would do much to provide that vital visual component of a well planned lesson plan.  INCREDIBLE WORLD OF SCIENCE offers academic insight in astronomy, biology, geology, anatomy, and more.  For example, if the topic of the day is volcanoes, insert clips of erupting ones along with crisp descriptions of the natural event into the lesson.  Though this information would never take the place of a textbook, it would make a world of difference to the ELL's grasp of the event and the chain of events leading up to the eruptions. 

One the biology and anatomy teachers will enjoy is THE HUMAN BODY link.  Each major organ is discussed with vivid images.  For ELLs, being able to revisit such a site (and there are more within my blog) would provide that all important link that connects the text to the "real world."  Have students create word walls with colored markers.  Pass out sentence word strips with key vocabulary on each and then have students place them on the word walls with pictures, definitions, and positions within the body (just examples).

Another way to help students remember what organ does what is to have them try the INTERACTIVES.  Throw a little fun into the mixture, and it will be very likely that they will be able to recall the information for examinations:)



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