Thursday, July 5, 2012

FREE Multimedia Approach to Supporting ELLs in ALL Levels of Mathematics

With the new common core standards in mathematics, teachers will need to have students address ongoing problem solving in all areas of math.  The book alone will no longer drive instruction.  High stakes tests will soon take a back seat as students apply all areas of math to life beyond the classroom.  In such a learning environment where students are encouraged to work as teams in finding multiple solutions to real world problems, math will become relevant to all including the ELL.  Word problems will be ones encountered in business.  Team problem solving will take precedence over struggling in isolation.  With such a radical transformation of the classroom, ELLs will develop more confidence in dealing with math since it will finally be accessible.

This site is an excellent multimedia resource covering all areas of math through trigonometry.  Each level of math is accompanied by videos of real world application.  A video often times makes a world of difference to an ELL.  The visual component allows them to SEE the problem and hear the problem discussed.  Once the task is assigned by the teacher, this background information along with the low anxiety of working within a small group (or partner) has the potential to build an ELL's confidence in offering her/his ideas to solve the problem or task.  With a team work approach, students quickly learn that there is more than one way to come to an answer.  Isn't that the goal of team work in the real world?




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