Monday, May 7, 2012


As final exams approach, teachers often times try to furnish students with lots of practice quizzes to prep them for the upcoming major finals.   Frequently,  this can be a very time-consuming activity for the teacher though well worth it for the students.

How would you like to have a site that would not only help you design your exams, but also provide  you with a secure place to store every one in any order you desire?  Of course, the answer is yes.  What is even more unbelievable is that such a service is absolutely FREE (some special features will be added shortly for a fee, but the majority of the sites great features will continue to be free)!

Here are three reasons (click on link to left OR just read the content below) why teachers will love this site:

"1.  Teachers and Instructors often teach many different classes, at many different levels. Each class and level has its own set of worksheets and exams, usually spread across many traditional file based documents.
  Quizinator breaks all that information into a categorized library of questions and their answers. You can then quickly create and update your documents within Quizinator using the drag and drop question library. Any changes to the library instantly update all documents that contain them."

"2.  With all the documents they maintain, Teachers and Instructors often have trouble moving them around from computer to computer, synchronizing any changes they make, etc.
  Since Quizinator is a centralized, online repository for all documents and their resource components, you have everything in one place. Your browser is all you need. Any changes you make follow you where ever you go."

"3.  It's an unfortunate fact that some students cheat.
  It's easy to make different versions of an exam if you want. With Quizinator's drag and drop sorting capabilities, you can reorder questions and even their answers in two seconds flat." 

The Guide to the site is teacher friendly and will take you through all the rich features of the site.  For me, I tend to keep things simple until I feel confident enough to build in more features.  With this site, it didn't take too long before I could use most of its options with only a few hiccups:) 

QUIZINATOR  -- please share it with colleagues.

I will continue to look for more test prep tools for your students over this month.



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