Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have Students Who Need More Support in Math (and more)? This Site Might Help:)

Keeping to the theme of "test prep", this post will cover an easy to navigate website that allows students to review math from basic arithmetic through calculus.  It consists of number problems-no word problems.   This makes it possible for ELLs especially to review the math without struggling with the many language issues that arise in solving math word problems.  This site is a quick assessment of a student's grasp of key concepts.  Students may also retake the quizzes as often as they like.   

Since basic math is part of the site, even students as young as elementary school age would benefit from it.  Computers have infinite patience so those kids who need more time to master the process will have all the time they need.  Further, since the site is free (though you have to register), parents could continue to help them at home.  Since language is not an issue, parents who don't know English but who understand math, would be able to support their children  in honing their math skills at home.  Grades 6-8 (middle school) would have access to pre-algebra and algebra.  Again, the focus here is on computing answers to mathematical equations minus the language.  Once ELLs (and others) understand the layout and purpose of the equation, they are ready (with assistance) to start working on word problems through careful guidance on the part of the teacher and through carefully orchestrated small group OR partner learning activities.  Last, there is high school.  Every level of math from algebra through calculus is here.  Students can monitor their progress through immediate feedback.  If they did poorly, they will have enough specific feedback from the quizzes to know where they need more support from teacher. 

This site also has a few other areas students can assess themselves in as well:
Languages--English, German, French, and Spanish
Geography--Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe
Science--Cells, anatomy, elements, and conversion.
These activities are not as in depth as the math, but still serve as a quick overview review of major concepts covered in class.


Hope your students benefit from the site's offerings:)



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