Sunday, May 6, 2012

GREAT Study Tool for ALL Students-ELLs and EOs Alike!

As the school year draws to a close, students are looking for ways to do well on final examinations.  Many have created study cards which some teachers will let them bring to their exams.  Here students are given one 3 X 5 index cars on which they write all the notes they think they will need for the exam.  Only 1 card can be used however.   Another strategy some use is to make their own decks of study cards to prep for exams. These cards are used to help students memorize key concepts.  Some teachers allow kids to bring their organized binders in which students have been adding key notes all year long.  These binders teachers have been checking (and grading) every 3 or 4 weeks to assess for completeness.  Now, the big reward comes---if they have been keeping it current with all the course content,  they will be able to refer to it in doing their finals.

To add some variety to the review tools just mentioned, teachers may want to consider adding the following online site:  STUDY STACKS  Here, teachers can create flashcards on as many subjects as they wish for their students to use in a variety of ways.  Offer students options using formats that appeal to them and they will do well on their examinations.   Teachers may also use flashcards created by other teachers if they like.  Further, if teachers have really ambitious students, charge them with creating flashcards for the class!  This site will take the pain out of studying:)  Remember that the site is FREE to join.





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