Thursday, May 31, 2012

How About Some Free Fun Academic Activities for Students Over the Summer?

As summer fast approaches, teachers often wonder how students might be encouraged  to keep up their skills over the summer.  Vacations are fun, but if parents don't find ways to motivate their children (regardless of age) to keep up skills over the summer, their children will be at a disadvantage come the start of school in the fall.

Here is a site geared to all grade levels and content areas that kids might enjoy toying around with over the summer: FUN ACADEMIC CONTENT AREA FOR FREE  This site is free to join and easy to navigate though the younger ones will need some assistance.  If a student only spends 20-50 minutes a week on whatever content area (or areas) s/he likes, s/he will stay reasonably current in skills.

If vocabulary development and writing need support, try SPELLING CITY  Older students can enter SAT words (challenging academic words typically tested in high stakes tests for college examinations) while younger ones can work with simpler vocabulary which parents can input for them.  The game features here tend to be popular since they are all built on the words students are trying to master. 

SMITHSONIAN EDUCATION (SCIENCE PORTAL)  Inspire kids to develop a keen interest in science over the summer.  Everything is here (just enough to spark interest -- never over overwhelming.  or boring in any way) to get kids hooked on science (check out WALKING ON THE MOON).

I will see what other cool academic content review sites I can find before school is out for your students:)



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