Wednesday, May 30, 2012

FREE PLAGIARISM CHECKER--Must-Have Tool For Every Teacher!

With COMMON CORE STANDARDS and the push to motivate kids to excel in pursuit of a quality education, teachers need also to have a way to identify improper use of primary source materials.  Some students may copy because they feel their writing is not strong enough to write an essay or complete a project with lots of writing in it.  For them, it is a mistake which can be dealt with in class in a student-teacher conference.  

However, for others, this is far from the case.  These are the students who are well aware of what plagiarism is and yet try to submit plagiarized work anyway in the hopes of not being caught.  In the past, such students simply recopied work they found in books.  Teachers who thought there were some "irregularities" had students verbally summarize their work OR write a summary of the turned in work without the paper in question.  These approaches were effective, but also time consuming. Further, with the arrival of the internet and the millions of resources on it, students have an almost infinite resource of everything imaginable to select from.  With a COPY and PASTE, the assignment is done (or so they hope).

PLAGIARISM CHECKER  is a free plagiarism checker which has the potential to drastically reduce the number of students trying to commit acts of intellectual theft.  Since work is often times submitted via email or through dropbox, all a teacher needs to do with suspicious work is to copy and paste the material in the empty box on the site and click on CREATE REPORT.  Give the program a few seconds and it will cite the source the student stole the work from.  This is free.

Would it pay to notify classes up front that a teacher had such a tool?  THAT is a choice every teacher will need to make on his/her own.



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