Friday, June 1, 2012

FREE Science Review GAMES for High Stakes Tests!

How about science game sites to motivate kids to remember everything they learned over the year?  Or what about giving upcoming students a head start on the science classes they will be taking in the new school year?  What about using science games for in class competition--team against team?  Have some ELLs who need more time to process new information in a non-traditional format?  This site would fit the need of probably any student including those with special needs and make the process fun:)

SCIENCE REVIEW GAMES --here, you will find games for astronomy, geology, meteorology, and earth science.  Why not let students use textbooks and notes to assist them in selecting their answers?  You could also have students explain why the answer choice they made was correct and why the others were wrong.  Being able to explain why certain answers were wrong better prepares students for finals.  Another idea, ELLs (and anyone else who would like to try for that matter) could draw labeled diagrams/illustrations to go with the final answer choices. 

With the new common core standards coming out in science shortly, teachers will need to spend more time on academic writing, reading comprehension, and academic vocabulary.  If teachers make use of the many tools already out there on the internet, they will not be inundated come the fall.  In fact, if you consider this a reference "book,"  you may already have much of what you need here already!



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