Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free Online Access to 365 Short Stories for ELLs!

With summer fast approaching for many students, teachers might wish to start compiling some activities to help students maintain (or grow) in their English skills over the summer. Since leaving students on their own to locate such language supports online might not work for many of them because knowing where to look even takes teachers some time to accomplish:) Why not start putting together some good sites that are easy to navigate and will improve their English skills before the end of school?

You have your own sites to be sure so I am going to just provide you with a few over the next few weeks that you may like to add to your own collection:) 365 SHORT STORIES is geared to those who are intermediate in their language skills. Students may listen to the story as they read along. The stories cover a wide range of everyday subjects where students will also be provided with practice with idioms, slang, and more. To build even more on their English, students have the option to do a CLOZE (example) with or without any HINTS. If you would like them to practice their question answering skills, have them try YES/NO QUESTIONS . Care for them to try out some crossword puzzles for vocabulary development, look no further. Have them click on CROSSWORD. Because students can access help at any stage in trying to do the assignments, anxiety will be low AND they will be having fun!

I hope your students like the site.



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