Saturday, May 12, 2012

Explore the Arts Through the Kennedy Center for FREE!

Dance, media arts, music, literary arts, and theater are all covered here as vehicles through which to teach all subject areas and all grade levels.  Outstanding arts-based lesson plans and projects for classrooms and after school programs are available whether or not teachers register.  Why register?  With registration, you can create folders in which you can store your favorite lessons.  This way you will have everything at your fingertips.    KENNEDY CENTER

Here is one lesson aimed at high school students.  It deals with analyzing political cartoons so the subject areas covered are social studies and visual arts.  In studying the political cartoon, students are also using critical thinking (the WHY behind the cartoon) and problem solving (HOW was the issue solved/addressed that the cartoon depicted).  Upon completion of the lesson, students would select a political issue of the day, take an opinion, and then create their own political cartoon.  If a visual arts teacher could team up with the social studies teacher, it would be an even more exciting project for all:)

Remember that you can find lessons for ALL GRADES.  I only chose high school since that is the level that I am most familiar with:)



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