Friday, May 11, 2012

Prove To Your Students That Learning A Language CAN Be FUN:)

If you teach ELLs (ESL students) at the beginning level, you will like the following site:


In this site, students can practice basic vocabulary, do some writing based on dialogues,  focus on listening/repeating, and complete a wide variety of exercises.  The conversations are geared to beginners.  With the summer fast approaching, beginners will need some support in maintaining their English skills over the summer.  This is one source, but there are many more within my blog (just go to SEARCH box on the home page and type in English activities).  Since all the sites are free and on the internet, all a student needs is access to a computer (or smart phone).

For ELLs with more English, why not have them try the following site:


Here students will hear people speaking English from all over the English speaking world.  The topics addressed cover an fascinating collection of subjects that students will find amusing to say the least.  One that caught my eye was on a young man who was broke in New York City.  He had been living in a bust boom cycle over several years.  Here (as with all the other scenarios) you have real world conversations on high interest topics.

Students will also find listening games.  Students are presented with several pictures which are talked about in a short dialogue.  Students need to identify the specific objects the narrator addressed and if they do, they score high:)

There are also many videos in many different language settings.  Speakers of English talk about a wide range of topics of interest to them.  This is great listening practice and for free.

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