Sunday, May 13, 2012

Khan Academy--114 Geometry Videos To Support Your Instruction

If you are looking to develop more review support in your math classes for your ELLs and others, you should take a look at Khan Academy.  It covers all areas of mathematics and science.  The videos are simple to follow and clearly would support a teacher's instruction.  Further, if you have ELLs in your classes, you can find translations in every subject.  Imagine having a newly arrived Mandarin only speaker and offering this site as a tool to access the content of your lesson.  The anxiety level of that ELL would definitely drop since he or she would not be totally in the dark in following your activity.  KHAN LANGUAGES lists all the languages available on the site.

For this post, I pulled out only one subject area--KHAN ACADEMY GEOMETRY.  Within this section are 114 videos all on geometry.  The total viewing time is slightly over 15 hours.  Though the amount of time on each subject component varies, they typically do not exceed 10 minutes more or less.  Access to the site is free and open to anyone.  Since ELLs typically need to jump two hurdles academically--language and content, they would benefit from such online support because it would provide them with additional practice in mastering the content.


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