Thursday, May 10, 2012

NEED Incredible Supports for Science? Look No More:)

If you have limited resources when it comes to securing quality science video supports for your lessons, you may want to take a look at this site.  Click on TOPICS and you will find a wide range of science topics covering astronomy and space, earth and environment, chemistry, life science, mathematics, physics, medical sciences, engineering, and technology.  No membership is required.  SCIENCE 360

Another awesome feature here is the radio broadcasting segment.  Teachers (and students) can get the free iPhone and Android apps to listen at will.  If your school allows students to bring their smart phones to class, you can have them use them to complete assignments using this site.  Imagine how this might help your ELLs who often need more time to process academic content.  Now, they need only go to the app on their phones to review class material.  On this site are over 100 radio shows and audio podcasts.  Surely, there will be several that address your class content.

Would you also like to assign reading as part of your homework (or classwork)?  Here you will find news from science magazines, blogs, and news articles.  The readings cover 3-12+.  You need only scan for content and reading/grade level.  Since it is a change from the familiar textbook, students might exhibit a bit of excitement in doing the assignments:)  Further, for optimum use in class, assign small groups to read, review, analyze, and share out their understanding of assigned reading sections.  ELLs will benefit from this type of activity since they would not be navigating the site on their own.  Cooperative group learning communities make content accessible to everyone in the group so everyone is a winner:)  SCIENCE 360 NEWS SERVICE

Hope you enjoy the site. 



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