Monday, March 26, 2012

Would You Like a FREE Online Grading Program+? Look No More:)

If you are in a school without an electronic gradebook at your fingertips, you are at a major disadvantage as compared to those teachers with such a tool. Electronic grading programs are a joy to parents, kids, and, of course, teachers. When parents can freely access their child's grades, they can identify academic shortfalls and correct them with the teacher's help.

Students can check their grades whenever they wish. When students have regular access to their grades, they are more motivated to do well since the feedback is immediate. Should the grades be poor, students can address this issue quickly as opposed to waiting for 6 week progress reports. By that time, it is generally too late to reverse the trend.

For teachers who are already dealing with vast amounts of paperwork, this tool will lessen some of the burden. When parents wish a conference, there will be no need to wade through files to find grades. All one needs to do is turn on the gradebook and print out a student report with grades and attendance data.

To use this tool, just follow the simple instructions in setting up your FREE account. Once that is done, proceed to setting up classes, grading system, entering student names, etc. Not bad for a free tool:)


I hope this lightens your load a bit:)



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