Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Math OUTSIDE the Classroom? Help Kids Make that Vital Connection:)

All too often, students rarely see how the math they use in school has many applications in the real world outside of school. In fact, math can have a fun side to it from time to time:) Prove it with this site: FUN MATH FOR KIDS.

Some of the activities I explored were math and music, electoral votes, kite making, tetris math, and create a graph. Directions were easy to follow and actually fun. This is a site that teachers could encourage parents to use with their children. In fact, parents would be able to support classroom lessons with some of these sites. Further, when parents are actively involved in their children's classwork/homework, children are more motivated to learn. Parents are an integral part of a child's education. Any site that encourages that should be widely circulated at Back-to-School Night, parent conferences, etc.

For almost any teacher from any discipline, why not try linking some of the sites to the actual lessons with math applications which you are working on in class? If you are a social studies teacher, why not try CREATE A GRAPH? Graph voting trends in stellar colors and styles. If you are a math teacher, take surveys and graph results. If you are science, create graphs showing lab results. PE? Graph heart rates for the class.

Try it. You will like it:)


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