Sunday, March 25, 2012

A FREE Online "Encyclopedia" for Kids:)

If you teach history or even dabble in it from time to time in your other courses, you will appreciate this site. It is a student friendly site that not only elementary and middle school students will benefit from, but also ELLs from any grade level. KIDIPEDE-HISTORY FOR KIDS

Here students will be able to click on a variety of subject areas. If they are just interested in some topic of the "day", they would select any one of the boxes on the home page to find a photo and a brief description of that person or object's importance. On the left side of the page, students will have options to visit different time periods, continents, and subject areas. There is also a link for teachers which offers further insight into how to use the site to make the study of history more engaging for everyone.

Like everything else I include in my blog, it is a free site!

Hope your students find it entertaining as well:)



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