Thursday, March 22, 2012

Need Short Educational Videos for Your Classes? LOOK NO MORE:)

How many times do teachers try to find just the right educational videos for their classes only to have their choice blocked due to district policies on use of YOUTUBE? Nothing is more frustrating when after all the searching, a teacher has found just the right one to support instruction and then can't show it! ELLs need such supports to make those vital connections to content if they are to fully comprehend the lessons. Leaving that important component out sets them up for mediocre work at best in a classroom.

Well, here is a site with over 35,000 APPROVED videos (mostly from YOUTUBE) that have been cleared to run in any classroom even those with a YOUTUBE block (not all districts have this, but many do). All grades are here along with every subject area. Teaching about Anne Frank? There is a copy of the ONLY video in the world with her in it. Teaching TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD? One video provides through pictures background knowledge of the time leading up that of the book. Students follow the period from the happy 1920's to the hard times of the depression to the pain of Jim Crow laws. For ELLs with no background knowledge of US history, such a site sets them up to have an idea of why the book was written. This is an example of building that crucial background knowledge to truly appreciate the message behind the novel.

All subject areas are listed here as well as grade levels. Teachers should join just in case they have videos that they would like added. To date, over 15,000,000 videos have been watched! Here is the site: WATCH KNOW LEARN Bookmark it:)



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