Monday, March 19, 2012

Is Writing a Challenge for Your ELLs? If Yes, Try Paragraph/Essay Frames:)

If your ELLs or ESL students struggle with writing, this site might be helpful. It is a collection of 78 pages of every writing graphic organizer imaginable AND for all content areas. It can also be used at anywhere from elementary through high school (especially helpful for new arrivals).

Why are such supports needed for ELLs? Some students are totally new to the English linear writing style. They must go from the familiar to the new. Such changes can be difficult at best hence the need to make the change as painless as possible. Others have very limited literacy skills in their own language so there is nothing for a teacher to relate to in trying to teach writing. Writing frames provide a model which they can steadily rely on until they have enough language and are confident in their abilities to write on their own. These tools supplement instruction. They are those necessary scaffolds which allow students to survive in content classes.

PARAGRAPH/ESSAY FRAMES This document is 78 pages long. I would suggest that teachers print it out, hole punch it, and place it in a binder for easy reference. Share it with colleagues.



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