Monday, March 12, 2012

HAVE FUN WITH HISTORY! See How Future Was Viewed in the Past:)

If you teach English literature, world history, science, or US history, you will truly the benefits of weaving in some of the material from this history site. Every major period from the 1700's to date is covered with free videos. Almost every topic you can envision is represented here.

Now, due to its size, I have pulled out only one area for this post and that is the world of science fiction. You will find unique views of what people in the past envisioned the world of the future to be. There is even a full length play from 1954 on George Orwell's 1984. RETRO FUTURE

The material here can easily supplement any content class material (including ELD/ESL). Every possible writing style can be used here: description, narration, comparsion/contrast, persuasive essay, and expository. Have students make their projections on life in 100 years. Through cooperative learning, model writings, video support with lots of think-pair-share and small group interaction, mind maps, and word walls (GOOGLE SEARCH WITHIN THIS BLOG WILL OFFER DETAILS ON EACH), ELLs will have the linguistic tools to write! Of course, it won't be perfect with the first draft, but through the drafting process along with peer editing and teacher one-on-one conferencing, the ELL will be able to generate a solid essay. Solid writing skills transfer to better grades, admittance to university/college, and good career choice opportunities in life.

Explore the future from the past:)



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