Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Choose an OLOGY? Yep, SCIENCE GAMES For Students:)

If you want your students to exhibit a bit more enthusiasm about the sciences, you will truly appreciate what this site, AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY , has to offer. Some of choices available are ASTRONOMY, BIODIVERSITY, BRAIN, and ARCHAEOLOGY just to name a few.

Click on any one of the 13 and it will take you to a link full of activities that would captivate kids with ease. For example, I went to the one on astronomy and took online quizzes on the heavens, journeyed to Mars, watched scientists at work, and played a making connections match-up game. All together, there are 31 activities on that one site! Students would have many options available to them to test their understanding of your lessons:)

For older students, have them try SCIENCE NEWS/BULLETINS. There are videos which accompany the articles. ELLs especially need that type of support when trying to navigate complex subject area content material. Of course, just like the science game section, each section here opens up to others that add more insight to the original topic chosen.

With this site, differentiation comes with ease!



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