Thursday, February 9, 2012

Turn Students Into Story Writers Here! They Will Love It:)

English learners (ages 5-8---lower elementary) will have many opportunities to practice English in a variety of ways on this site from the British Council. Some of the features here are phonics games, spelling activities (British spelling), videos, and THE STORY MAKER (the focus of this post).

Students will have 3 different story types to select from: fairy tales, horror stories (not too scary though so don't worry), and science fiction. Students click on pictures of characters, settings, animals, etc. that they want to include in the story. If they prefer to type in their own choices, they are free to do so. When everything is done, they click complete and the items they chose are all neatly incorporated into a slick story. Students may then print it out. Just think of how much fun it would be for children to return over and over to a story that they wrote themselves! After you finish with STORY MAKER, explore the other great features of the site.

Share this with parents also--it is a safe site so parents need not worry:)




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