Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can Physics Concepts Be Addressed Through Games? Yes, and the Games Are FUN!

For many students in grades 6-12, physics is rarely pictured as a "fun" subject:) It is a course that fascinates a small few while the rest take it to try to compete for entrance to the more competitive colleges or universities. Little do they know that physics shows up on many fields including, but not limited to, construction, civil engineering, demolition, education, etc.

The site, PHYSICS GAMES, provides students with game-like activities which actually provide a small window to physics in the real world. I played the demolition one for about twenty minutes and found that each level of the game became increasingly more complex. As I progressed through the game, I had to pull from math to compute the best angle to plant the explosives at. This might be a great activity to do in pairs. Students could take notes on how they finally managed to destroy the building frame. What placement of the explosives was best to accomplish the task and why? Again, as with any course with ELLs, having them take the time to record what they did is the only way to have them remember what they did and keep track of key vocabulary.

This site would help make academic content more accessible and that boosts confidence for ELLs especially.



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