Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Civil Engineering Games? Yes! Tap Student Interest With This Site:)

To spark an interest in fields that students might not be that familiar with, teachers need to find creative ways to integrate information about those fields into the class curriculum. Engineering is one of those careers that many students don't think since they often times don't know much about that area of science. With climate change, natural disasters, man-made ones, world-wide water shortages, food shortages, and ever increasing numbers of city dwellers around the globe, the demand for engineers will grow as people struggle with finding solutions to these problems.

How will we find enough engineers to address these concerns? We will find them by tapping student interest in this area at an early age and then nurturing it so that they will pursue degrees in this area in the future. The site I have selected here addresses civil engineering.

DISCOVER ENGINEERING Here students will explore the exciting things civil engineers do and their services are crucial to our survival as a planet. Students will also have an opportunity to explore careers in this area to see what peaks their interest. CIVIL ENGINEERING is first defined ("Civil Engineering WHAT?"). Then there is a section entitled JUST FOR FUN where students have many venues to try out games where skills in civil engineering are needed, activities on different scenarios requiring math and science knowledge to problem solve, contests for classes to compete in, and free videos on what civil engineers actually do.

Your students will thoroughly enjoy themselves here, and hopefully, you will plant a few seeds of interest among your kids:)



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