Monday, February 20, 2012

Incredible Resources on Countries Around the World!

2/19/12's post covered amazing photos on every nook and cranny of the planet. The two sites here add even more information on this world. Students will truly have a great time exploring languages, foods, different forms of etiquette, and much more.

A WORLD OF CULTURES offers link after link on discovering key information on every country in the world. Students will also find links to embassies and consulates. Such links would enhance any country report they were assigned to do in your class. Further, travel guides are included full of breath-taking photographs of the rich beauty and treasures of the country. The Library of Congress is also included as a source for many of the countries covered.

COUNTRY GUIDES TO CULTURES AND MORE provides specifics that any student (or teacher for that matter) would appreciate. Cultural taboos, etiquette for students who may wish to study abroad, eye contact, etc. I did notice that some of the north African countries did not offer information on school rules, but for the most part, they were the exception.

Between the two sites above, students will have an insight into the world that will be a close second to actually visiting the country:)



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