Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Writing Games That Are Fun And With a Purpose!

Here you will find some fun writing games for kids. These fun writing tasks cover letter writing, stories, news articles, debates, advertising, etc. Often times, ELLs need time to play with language if they are to ever become proficient in its use. Though these activities would never take the place of classroom instruction, they would be a wonderful supplemental activity for those who needed more time to practice writing. Ideally, a computer lab center in the classroom would provide an option for the teacher to offer more time for ELLs or others who struggle with writing.

If students have access to the internet at home, encourage them to find writing topics that either interest them OR provide more practice in developing the writing skills needed to complete a class writing assignment. All activities are untimed so students can take them over and over again without penalty.

Every activity is FREE!





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