Sunday, February 19, 2012

Care To Jazz Up Your Geography Classes a Bit? If Yes, Read On:)

Geography is taught at all grade levels. For most students, it is an eye-opener to the world around them. After all, students quickly learn that there is more to the subject than maps:) Here, students explore humanity's rich diversity in cultures, traditional costumes, languages, traditions, foods, histories, etc. Teachers always attempt to weave in realia whenever possible to make the lessons not only enriching, but also more memorable. After all, students in our classes nowadays will shortly become members of a vast global workforce where diversity will predominate. What better way to prepare them for this international community than by providing them with as much information as possible on cultures other than their own so that they will be able to fully blend into the international workforce as highly productive team members.

To further enhance your geography lessons or projects, take a look at SIGHTS MAP. With the heat map off, students will see a layout of all the continents. With it on, students will see how much energy is being used around the planet. Europe consumes quite a bit while other areas of the world only a small fraction. One of the major highlights is the photo feature. Click on any area of the world you are studying and then select the PHOTO option. Pictures of all the major sites will pop up. Students will see man made wonders as well as natural ones. You will also have the option of zeroing in on some of the world's major cities/countries quickly (20 in all).

How else can this site be used? If students have to do projects for class, why not have them select a specific site to do research on? With the option of photos, students would be able to have a bit more direction in what to select to report on. A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words:)


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