Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have Fun Exploring DIVERSITY in the Classroom:)

Exploring the cultural mosaic of humanity is an enriching experience for anyone at any age. This is especially true of our students. Such exposure is a must in this new global economy. The more students learn to respect differences when interacting with peers from other countries around the world, the more likely they are to do well in a multicultural work setting. Though facebook and twitter are fun to use, they don't offer much in the way of any deep insight into the world's many cultures.

This site approaches the topic from several different angles ,and all of these approaches will be well received by your students: photos, maps, stories, games, and a range of activities at different levels of difficulty. No one will lose interest here:)

MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION THROUGH MINIATURES is a natural tie-in to geography and the study of humanity's diversity. Share it with colleagues and parents:) Have a multicultural appreciation day on campus where ELLs and EOs can both share the good things about each other's cultures. They could bring in special interest items which represent their culture's history. Of course, a food bazaar works, too:)



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