Monday, February 13, 2012

Have Your Students See the World in a Whole New Light:)

Our planet is a place of wonder! Students need to learn about it if they are to develop a true appreciation for their home in the solar system. Hopefully this understanding will lead to their making better decisions about protecting the environment when they are older.

National Geo's site, MAPMAKER INTERACTIVE , provides students with a look at all the major features of Earth. Students may study physical systems-water, land, and climate, as well as human systems-populations/cultures, and political/economic. Any region of the planet can be accessed here with a click.

It is also possible to click on SATELLITE and see any part of the planet with ease. Further, students can zoom in and mark up sites to address any lesson objectives of teachers. For example, if the objective is to find key landforms on a given continent, students click on LABEL, write the name of the landform and then transfix it right on the landform they are studying. This type of activity can turn humdrum into fun and there is no problem with inserting a little fun into any lesson from time to time:)

Also, as with any product from Nat Geo, you will find lots of teacher resources to pull from as needed. ELLs and EOs will benefit from the site.

Hope you like the site!



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