Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free EDUCATIONAL Videos on ALL Subjects and for ALL Grades!

Often times teachers look to activating prior knowledge before launching into a new lesson. This may be accomplished with classroom discusssion, anticipation guides, quickwrites/quickdraws, etc. Videos may also be used, but often times are not because it takes time to find just the right clip. A search for just the right film takes time, and teachers rarely have much of that to spare:)

Well, WATCH KNOW LEARN, may be the answer. All subjects are covered here and for ages 3-12. In fact, a US history teacher at my site was looking for visual information on the Trail of Tears (forced removal of the Cherokees from the east to Oklahoma) for the ELLs in the class. The images here vividly portray the plight of these people as they were forced off their ancestral lands by the American government. Such visuals even the weakest student can relate to. The visuals build that crucial background knowledge ELLs need to succeed in content classes.

Within this site, every discipline is covered and all videos are for schools/teachers/students/parents. Registration is free. Feel free to submit your own educational videos if they enhance instruction.

Hope you enjoy the site:)


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