Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Geometry Games? Yes! I Found Such a Site:)

When geometry takes on a real world approach, kids see the benefit of learning it. In fact, they become better at using it when they know it serves a purpose. The textbooks provide the practice, but rarely do they actually show how geometry is an integral part of everyone's life.

provides students with arcade-like practice with the subject. You will even find the popular game Jeopardy with the topics on measuring and angles. For ELLs, here is an opportunity to become more familiar with the terminology (and geometry has a lot of language which some ELLs can find overwhelming at times). Provide time for students to "play" with the language. In so doing, you are giving them time to eventually master those key academic vocabulary items that are a must to do well in the subject.

You will also find math games for younger kids such as the ones found under ELEMENTARY. Parents can easily assist at home here as well.

I hope to have some great writing sites for you tomorrow evening:)



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