Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Videos on World Events...and MUCH, MUCH MORE:)

How would you like to have access to video clips on any topic at your fingertips whenever you wanted supplementary materials for your classes?  If the answer is a resounding YES, you will want to explore this site. 

I pulled out only one small section because every subject area is covered in such detail that I would need to write a novel to give every section the attention it deserves:)

In WORLD EVENTS, you will find clips from major events going back to World War I. The length of the clips is anywhere from 2 minutes to 14 minutes in length.  Used as a tool to provide visual background knowledge for ELLs (as well as native speakers of English), it will make content more accessible.  The videos provide that valuable background knowledge needed to make kids feel that they will be successful in your classroom.  It taps interest.  It is a motivator.  It validates personal experiences tied to the lesson that students may want to share with the class. 

Students can also use the resources to create presentations.  They need to have a student account of course, but that is free.  Once the account is established, students can save their research to tap at will.

Enjoy the site and explore it to address other areas you teach or your colleagues.  Spread the site around to fellow teachers:)



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